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Harvest Blues?

Winter is coming!

...along with the winter blues unfortunately.

Some people experience extreme lows during the change in season.

Sometimes it's due to lack of sunlight/Vitamin D.

Sometimes it's just a change in season.

Sometimes (for us country folk), it can be brought on by being high strung from the stress of Harvest and it all ending, creating a low.

No matter what the cause is, know that there are options for rebuilding that sense of happiness and calm.

Through hypnosis, we can find that stressor(s), and work on eliminating the negative feelings associated with it(them).

Sometimes all it takes is one session to rebalance your emotions and find your "self" again.

Feel free to PM me with any concerns, or comment below.

Don't suffer alone.

Take a chance and find your balance again.

Lots of love,

Megan L Garratt, CH, BFA, BA

Country Hypnosis

~Discover YOUR best self~

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