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Hypno Art Night Interest?

Hello all, and happy Monday!

As some of you already may know, I have a BA in Visual Arts from the University of Regina.

I am looking into hosting an art night some evening soon, and was curious how many people would be interested!

The night would involve munchies, an instructed art workshop (most likely acrylic painting as the medium), as well as an opportunity to inquire about Hypnosis!

It will be a fantastic way for people to get together and have a great night, harness some creativity, as well as find out more about Hypnotherapy.

I am thinking class size would be about 4-10 people (ages 12+) and $25 each.

I'm super excited! Everyone will go home with a piece of artwork, new friends, and hypno info!

Contact me with any questions, or if you are interested.

If enough interest, I will move forward with this idea.

Thank you everyone!

Megan L Garratt, CH, BFA, BA

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