Meet Megan!

Megan is a certified Consulting Hypnotist through the NGH. 



Check out her "BIO" link in the toolbar! Learn how she found her way into hypnotherapy.



What IS hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a healthy and safe way of tapping into your subconscious to change feelings and thought patterns on a deeper level to create positive change.

What can hypnosis help with?



ie. smoking, excessive drinking, snacking, and nail-biting


ie. flying, snakes, public speaking, needles, dentists, doctors, birds, driving, heights, clowns, dogs, balloons, crowds, germs, confined spaces, leaving the house, public spaces, & water 


ie. being alone, being unfulfilled, financially suffering, being late, failing, text anxiety, forgetfulness, getting lost, self-love, forgiveness, & moving on/letting go



NO, you will not cluck like a chicken.

You will not do anything humiliating. Hypnosis is a safe, healthy way to tap into your subconscious. You will never do or say anything out of your comfort zone.

NO, you will not get "stuck" in hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a permissive, voluntary state. You will not remain "stuck" in hypnosis. If you want to come out of a trance, you can do so on your own.

YES, you can have a great experience!

Hypnosis is a fantastic way to break bad habits, gain confidence, and conquer both negative thoughts and feelings.

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